Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Almi Plastic Industries Ltd. (hereinafter: the “Company”) respects the right to privacy of the users of the websites and applications it manages and operates (hereinafter, collectively and separately: the “Site”). Therefore, the company decided to publish its policy regarding the protection of privacy on the website, and it undertakes towards the user to comply with this policy.

The purpose of the policy is to explain what the company’s practices are in relation to the privacy of the website users, how the company uses the information provided to it by the website users or collected by it while using the website and how the company protects said information. In addition, information will be provided below regarding the agreements required from a website user in order to use the information provided by him to the website, options for receiving information from the company and the right to correct errors.

The company’s policy may change with a notice in advance that will be published on the website. Therefore, please review this policy from time to time to ensure that you are aware of how your personal information is handled.

By using the site you agree to the terms of this policy as they may change from time to time.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, this policy does not apply to information you have provided to the company other than through the website, including by phone, mail and face-to-face.



When using the website’s services and when registering for the website, the following types of personal information may be collected, stored and used:

Information that identifies the user personally, i.e. name and address, date of birth, actions performed by the user, payment methods, etc. Information about your computer, IP address, e-mail, your geographic location, browser type and version, information about visits and your use of the site, including the source of the referral, length of visit, page views, on the site; information you enter when registering on our site, for example, your name, profile pictures, gender, date of birth, details for creating a subscription to our e-mail messages and/or newsletter; the information that you enter while using the services on our website or generated while using our website, information relating to purchases, services you use, your credit card information; information included in messages you send to us by e-mail or through our website and/or any other type of personal information that you All the information provided by the user to the website is collected and saved for the purpose of streamlining and optimizing the use of the website, improving the user experience and service to the user, as well as for the company’s advertising and statistical needs.


The use of information

The use of the collected information and details will be done only in accordance with this privacy policy and according to the provisions of any law. We may disclose the information to employees, managers, insurers, professional consultants, subcontractors, another company in our group of companies and this to a reasonable extent and in accordance with the purposes of this policy. We may use the information to, among other things:

To manage the website and our business, to provide, improve and enrich the services and content offered on the website; To send products purchased through the site, send transaction bills, payment reminders, and collect payments to change or cancel existing services and content; Sending messages, alerts and newsletters at your request, adapting the information and ads that will be displayed when visiting the site to your areas of interest; analyze your needs; publish and refer relevant information to you; analyze the characteristics of the website’s user community; To examine the effectiveness of our services and satisfaction with them, maintaining the security of the site and preventing fraud, as well as other uses, etc.

The company may transfer statistical information collected about your activity (and which does not identify you personally) to third parties. In addition, the information may also be transferred in other cases and in which, without detracting from the generality of the said: in the event that you purchase products and services from third parties or register for activities of third parties (paid or free) through the website, the information necessary for them to complete the purchase/registration process will be transferred to these third parties ; Likewise in other cases – in any case of a requirement according to law or a competent authority, in case of a legal dispute between you and the company and/or to protect or establish our legal rights; In the event that you perform illegal actions on the site; In the event of any legal obligation to provide your details and/or a judicial order or pending such procedure or demand is received, instructing you to provide your details or the information about you to a third party; In the event that the company sells or transfers or buys the right to use the website activity and/or the information stored in its databases, or any part of it, to a third party – as well as in the event that it merges with another entity or merges the activity of the website with the activity of a third party, all subject to all laws .


Data Security

The company implements the latest systems, protocols and procedures for information security on the website. While these systems and procedures reduce the risks of unauthorized intrusion, they do not provide absolute security. You acknowledge that the transmission of information over the Internet is inherently insecure, and that we cannot guarantee that data sent over the Internet will be secure. Therefore, the company does not guarantee that its services will be completely immune from unauthorized access to the information stored in them.


Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments regarding this privacy policy, please contact us at the email address and we will be happy to assist.


Registration for services

To the extent that personal details are required when registering for services on the website or for purchasing services on the website or for registering for activities of third parties etc., the company will ask the user for the necessary information. It is clarified that the user is not obliged to provide any details. Failure to provide certain information may limit the services and/or or the benefits that the company will offer to the user.


 The database

All the data that will be collected by the company as part of the site will be stored in a database that will be managed according to law.


Advertising/marketing/professional information mailing

The company wishes to send users from time to time by e-mail and/or any other means of transmitting information, existing or future, information about its services, products, changes and updates in relation to its databases, as well as marketing and advertising information, about the company and/or third parties.

Such information will be sent to the user provided that he has given explicit consent to it, and at any time he can withdraw his consent and stop receiving it.

The company will not provide the user’s personal information to third-party advertisers unless the user’s approval is given and subject to any law. However, it may transfer statistical information about the activity of users on the website that does not identify them personally.



The site may use “cookies” (“Cookies”) and/or other means for operational needs, including to collect statistical data about the use of the site, to verify details, to adapt the site to the user’s personal preferences and information security needs.

Modern browsers include an option to avoid receiving cookies. If you don’t know how to do this, check the help file of the browser you are using. At the same time, it will be clarified that the blocking of cookies may have an effect on the ease of use of the website and/or the use of all the options of our website.


Third party advertisements

Our website includes external links and details on third party websites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of third parties. The website, in part, is an online advertising platform and therefore the company may allow third parties to manage the system of advertisements on the website. In such a case, the ads viewed by the user while visiting the site come from the computers of those third parties and the company is not responsible for these contents and/or copyright infringement for their publication. At the same time, as soon as the company receives a written notification about an infringing publication, the company will act to examine the notification and/or remove the infringing publication as required by law. It will be clarified that in order to manage their publications, these third parties may use cookies on the user’s computer. The cookies allow them to collect information about the sites where the user viewed the advertisements they placed and which advertisements were viewed. The use of cookies by these third parties is subject to their privacy policy and not to the company’s privacy policy.


Right to review information

According to the Israeli Privacy Protection Law, 1981, and the regulations pursuant to it, every user has the right to review information about him held in a database. A person who has reviewed the information on him and found that it is not correct, complete, clear, or updated may contact the company with a request to correct the information. A person interested , for any reason, whose information will be deleted, may contact the company with a request to delete the information and justify his request. The company will be entitled to delete the aforementioned information, in accordance with its discretion and subject to the provisions of any law. Such inquiries should be directed to


Changes to the privacy policy

In any case where substantial changes are made to this policy in the instructions regarding the use of personal information you provided, a notice will be published on the home page of the site.


Website accessibility

The site is accessible in a way that makes it easier for people with disabilities to use it.

The company does everything in its power to allow all of its customers, including those with disabilities, to enjoy browsing the company’s website comfortably and easily and thus enjoy the opportunity to get to know the multitude of its products through advanced online means.


Accessibility statement

The company’s website complies with the requirements of the provisions of all laws, including the Israeli provisions of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Adjustment of Service Accessibility) Regulations, 2013. The company’s website complies with the recommendations of the Israeli standard (TI 5568) for content accessibility on the Internet at level AA and the recommendations of the WCAG2.0 document by W3C organization.

The site is optimized for display in common browsers and for use on mobile phones.

  Despite our best efforts to allow everyone to adapt the site to their needs, there may still be pages or sections that are not fully accessible, are in the process of being made accessible, or lack an adequate technological solution to make them accessible. We improve and update its options and features in order to reach the optimal level of accessibility, and all this for you and for your sake and, of course, in accordance with the changing legal requirements. Your comments on this matter will be appreciated.


Accessibility arrangements at our office address

Our office, located at: 3 Ha-Atsama St., Even Yehuda, ISRAEL,  is accessible to anyone, including access with a wheelchair, the building is equipped with a ramp, and the office located on the ground floor of the building, allows easy, quick access for anyone.

If you have encountered a problem regarding accessibility and/or if you have a question about it, please write to us by e-mail at the address: so that we can fix the problem.