About Almi

Almi Plastic Industries Company Ltd. was founded in 1979.

In the early 80s Almi stood strong as the pioneer and pathfinder in the field of flower pots, pots and plastic planters. Almi products constituted an innovation in this field and soon acquired a reputation worldwide.

In the 90s many retail nurseries were established and as part of this development Almi played a key role in the development of new products of the highest quality materials; Almi also leads in the development and production of new patterns, complete with a range of colors, which allow us to market a rich and varied selection of new products. Almi follows through on this commitment all the way, and even today we continue the development of new products, while being attentive to the customer’s wishes.

However, Almi also has the connections and contacts to the world’s best quality factories, with whom we work in close cooperation in the development and production, in order to meet our customers every request.

Almi recently joined the network of international companies, which consider it a strong and stable springboard for the development of the branch and its related products in Israel, Europe and the US.

As part of this expansion, the company added vases, flower pots, planters and garden products with LED lighting to its collection of products.

Among our many customers you will find retail plant nurseries, growing nurseries, flower shops; at the same time we have established a professional department, which provides solutions, advice and service within the institutional area – municipalities, communities, hotels, holding companies, contract projects, architects, designers, landscapers etc.

Almi is committed to remaining the leader in this field, giving high quality, fast and professional service.