Facility for anchoring an umbrella in the sand


produced by a Almi group, anchoring parasol sea sand or soil.
About the product:

Once the umbrella anchor is twisted into the sand through the handle, all you need is to rotate it clockwise and place your umbrella pole into the anchor and tight the thumbscrew. Light weight, rust proof, and easy to carry along with other beach devices the anchor penetrates 40 cms into the  sand/soil withstanding up to 30 mph thus securing beach umbrellas, fishing rods and other sporting/camping equipment to the ground. Other suggested uses, holding volleyball net, fisgs, tents, pet leash, kites and so forth… A must have for sun and shade lovers…

Available for purchase in 4 colors:
Red Cat No: 011032007, Yellow Cat No: 011032022, Blue Cat No: 011032024 and Green Cat No: 011032026.
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